Simbiat’s House of Style Takes Beauty and Fashion to the Next Level

Simbiat’s House of Style Takes Beauty and Fashion to the Next Level

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Simbiat’s House of Style, the new style brand takes beauty and fashion to the next level with its launch of a super-mini fashion mall.

Founded January 10th, 2018 – Simbiat’s House of Style, a new style brand based in the heart of Lagos—Ikeja, is poised to take the fashion industry to the next level with its collection of unique fashion wears for women, and provision of makeup, massage, and hairstyling services. The brand’s uniqueness and versatility are demonstrated in every fashion piece from the brand, as well as in the excellent customer service which it provides.

The fashion industry is a very dynamic one, with several brands coming into the fashion space and creating a niche for themselves in the highly competitive industry, but the available fashion brands have not particularly catered for the convenience of beauty and fashion shopping and are yet to meet the demand of the market. This is where Simbiat’s House of Style stands out; the brand offers fashion and beauty services, all under one roof, thus providing the convenience of fashion and beauty shopping and the ultimate SHS experience. The brand also provides very friendly customer service and stock a collection of exquisite fashion items.

Simbiat’s House of Style is taking the industry to the next level, bringing the convenience of shopping and beauty makeover to fashion lovers across the globe; we are also bringing a whole new feel to the entire fashion industry. SHS is more than just a clothing line; it is a brand serving hotness and fun on a whole new level.

Simbiat’s House of Style literally has something for everyone regardless of their style or budget. The brand’s unique combination of creativity, fun, innovation, and affordability has helped it achieve its aim of bringing convenience and life to every female fashion and beauty lover. The brand’s uniqueness also stems from the fact that her team members are fun, lovely and passionate individuals who go extra mile for their customers.

Simbiat’s House of Style, a fashion line that brings life and fun to fashion and beauty lovers is gradually making a name for herself in the industry and this is not surprising considering the uniqueness and quality service that it provides. Fashion and beauty lovers in Lagos, Nigeria and across the globe have a lot to watch out for from this unique style brand.

About Simbiat’s House of Style

Simbiat’s House of Style is a fashion and beauty mall where women can shop for all of their fashion and beauty needs in one convenientvisit and at affordable prices. It is Located at Shop 10, New Alade Market, Allen Avenue Junction, Ikeja, Lagos. It was founded by Simbiat Bakare, a fashion enthusiast. Her dream of making an impact in the society and owning a fashion brand was brought to life after she established Simbiat’s House of Style in 2018.

Beauty Tips: 5-Minute Office Makeup Tips To Your Aid

Beauty Tips: 5-Minute Office Makeup Tips To Your Aid

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It is important for every working class lady to look her best without letting the stressful office responsibilities get the better of her. She needs makeup that will be her best friend and help in looking her best till the last working hour of the day. Here are a few quick and easy makeup tips to follow before you head to your office.

Choosing Foundation

While moist is quite an attractive choice, you should go with the matte finish foundation to look smashing and fresh all day. If you have acne-free skin with no visible dark circles, choose a foundation that matches your skin tone to have a visibly fresh appearance. Use a nourishing moisturizer once you wash your face.

Want Rosy Cheeks

You work five days a week, and want your cheeks to show off its natural blush? Not quite possible! Try blush in natural rosy colour with shimmer on the lower side. Do not overdo with the colour as it can be a turn-off. An easy makeup tip that even the busiest office-goer can follow!

Pamper Your Lips

Yet another quick makeup tip to make you look smart at work is lipstick. While office etiquettes tell you to use minimal makeup, lipstick offers you the needed freedom at work. You can choose lipsticks that are nude or go for those with matte effect to look gorgeous and beautiful while you work. Go for hydrating lipsticks that last through the day and need a minimum touch up. You can try out tones like rose or pink to get natural lips. Also, you can go sheer. Avoid using dark tones such as red, earth, beige and taupe. A simple tip is to use a lipstick that matches your blush.

Let Your Eyes Speak

Eyes are the prime point of contact when you speak at work. Hence, make sure that they stay alive throughout the day with a good primer, foundation and concealer combo. If you have clear skin, then you wouldn’t need to hide anything with a concealer.

However, a quick and easy makeup tip for those of you with dark circles — use a good concealer and foundation that doesn’t wear off easily. Choose an eyeshadow that will bring your eyes alive. Go for colours like grey, taupe, bronze or brown. Try to stay away from glitters.

Eye Liner and Mascara

Another easy makeup tip for office is using liquid eyeliner to accentuate your eyes. Some attractive options include grey and brown. Use a mascara that doesn’t smudge when you get tired and are likely torub your eyes. Smokey eyes are in.

Need More? Makeup should make you look beautiful and confident. While at work, heavy makeup can be a sure turn-off and you would definitely not like to be that person.

Make sure to perfect your makeup techniques and be minimal in trying loud colors.

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12 Simple Black Hair Care Tips By Zinna

12 Simple Black Hair Care Tips By Zinna

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If you have natural black locks, congratulations! You have the most desired hair color in the world. Many think that their hair is natural black but in fact, it is a dark brown shade. There are several myths regarding black hair, and one such myth is that black hair does not grow as fast as other hair types. The truth is black hair grows at the same rate as other hair types, but its texture may make it seem like it is not growing. Its unique physical structure requires the use of hair care techniques that are gentle to make sure that it grows properly. Here is a list of tips that will prevent hair graying, and will maintain the color for a long time.

Black Hair Growth Tips

Caring for black hair to ensure proper growth is not a difficult task. A little extra effort and quality time will give you black hair that grows long and lustrous.

1. Be Gentle

Always make sure that you are very gentle when you are handling your hair. Never be in a rush, and pamper your hair so that it grows to be healthy.

2. Use Hair Care Products For Black Hair

Since black hair tends to be more delicate and drier than other hair types, you need to ensure that the moisture is locked in so that it stays healthy. Use shampoos, conditioners and hair oils that are specially formulated for black hair.

3. Always Condition

Condition, condition, condition! There is nothing more important for black hair since it needs to be moisturized at all times. When you condition your hair after shampooing, the moisture gets sealed in, and this will give you the smooth, silky black hair that you have always desired!

4. Say Goodbye To Your Brush

Throw away your hair brushes! Yes, you read that right. Wide-toothed combs are much better than brushes for black hair. You can use your fingers as well. Do not brush your beautiful hair aggressively. What is wrong with brushing your hair? Well, it will shear your hair out of the scalp and leave it totally damaged.

5. Find A Hairstyle That Does Not Aggravate Your Scalp

You should be careful about how you style your hair as black hair is more prone to damage than other types. Loose braids and ponytails are ideal and stylish! To promote hair growth, you can also opt for low or side buns to ensure less breakage and splits.

6. Drink Plenty Of Water

If you want your black hair to grow strong and healthy, increase your daily intake of water. This is the best way to keep your hair hydrated, and you get the bonus of having beautiful skin as well! The oxygen levels in the blood are maintained by the water, so proper scalp circulation is increased. Water also keeps your hair follicles and scalp hydrated, thus preventing gray hair and split-ends.

7. Say No To Heat

If you like the black, natural color of your hair; then do not apply hot ironing tools. It will not only frizz dry your hair, but you will also lose its natural color coating.

8. Hot Oil Massage

You can carry out a hot oil massage with either of coconut oil, almond oil or amla oil. All of these oils contribute towards the maintenance of the black color of your hair. You could also use eucalyptus oil; add a few drops of it to the warmed up oil and apply it on the scalp with light circular motions. It helps grow and maintain thick hair. This is the first and foremost of all the tips for black hair.

9. Black Hair Maintenance Pack

If you are not a fan of hair color, it is obvious that you would prefer natural tips for black hair maintenance too! With this pack, you can achieve positive results that maintain the black color while adding shine to your hair. The pack must be applied twice a month. The measures given below are meant for shoulder length hair; however, you can increase or decrease them based on the length of your hair.

  • 1/2 a cup of dry amla powder (Improves hair growth and imparts an intense black color)
  • 1/2 a cup of henna powder (Imparts color, body and also maintains hair growth)
  • 2 tbsp. of dry Brahmi powder (optional) (Improves hair growth)
  • 1 egg beaten up (Will act as a protein pack)
  • 1/2 a cup of sour yogurt (optional) (It will smooth out your hair, and remove dandruff)
  • 1/2 a cup bhringraj powder (optional) (Imparts a strong black color)
  • 1/2 a lemon squeezed (Adds shine, luster and reduces dandruff)

Make some tea liquor enough to dilute the henna and the amla powder, mix it and let it sit overnight (do not boil). Next day, add the other ingredients and mix well. Use on the scalp and full length of hair, let it stay for 20-30 minutes before washing off.

10. Growing Your Hair

The belief that your hair grows faster when you cut it regularly is based on a myth. However, frequent trims to get rid of split ends will help keep your hair healthy and less prone to breakage.

11. Keratin Treatment

If you cannot stay away from styling gels and tools, then you can book an expensive session once every two months at a good parlor for a keratin restoration treatment. It helps restore your hair’s lost keratin and maintains your dark natural hair color.

12. Supplements Do Help

Your body may need some supplement boosts from time to time because it is hardly possible for each one of us to follow a healthy and maintained diet in between our busy schedules and work pressures.

Ask your hair doctor for a good supplement that will help you maintain thick and natural hair.

Biotin is a great hair supplement, but depending on your hair condition, you need to decide on the amount of intake that your body requires. This will also help you stay away from unnecessary hair fall or breakage.

Other Important Points To Remember

Leading a healthy lifestyle can do wonders not only for your body and skin but also for your hair. To get healthy hair, you need to take care of yourself from the inside as well as outside. A healthy diet and plenty of water can give you beautiful hair. Fresh fruits and vegetables will not only keep your body healthy but also benefit your hair. Exercising regularly and taking good care of your body will work a lot of magic on other parts such as your nails and hair.

To have shiny and lustrous black hair, make a positive change in your lifestyle and see the difference it makes on your body as well as your hair.

With effort and patience, you can grow your black hair without any hassle. So go ahead and pamper your black locks to make it healthy and beautiful. You are sure to turn heads wherever you go!


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10 Tips On How To Feel Like An Elegant And Classy Lady

10 Tips On How To Feel Like An Elegant And Classy Lady

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When an elegant, classy girl, walks into a room, you will be able to see the guys’ heads turn. It’s not money, it’s not education and it’s not breeding, that makes a classy girl. It’s an attitude and a determination to be that way, and anyone can do it. So, forget the Swiss finishing school and the deportment lessons, here are ten simple ways that anyone can be an elegant and classy lady:

1. Mind your language

The first thing that will scream, ‘No Class!’ to a man, is a girl who uses lots of bad language. Even if you get everything else right, if a string of four letter words comes forth from your mouth, every time you speak, you will give off the image of anything, but a lady.

2. Talk softly

Ladies, don’t need to shout to get other people’s attention. Talk softly, politely and don’t talk too fast. People will still notice you and they will treat you like a real lady in return.

3. Keep your makeup subtle

Wear makeup that is appropriate for the occasion and use subtle and natural looking tones. Bold lip colours, for example, can look great for an evening out, but it won’t make you feel sophisticated and cool during the day.

4. Walk tall

Walk tall and proud and walk with confidence. You can make a statement with the way that you hold yourself. So, think elegance and grace, with every step you take, and you will look and feel the part of a true lady.

5. Be careful how you sit down

Never, just plonk yourself down, in a seat and always be aware of what your clothes are doing, as you sit. Gently place yourself down, in a graceful, and ladylike manner, and remember; it should all be one elegant, fluid movement.

6. Get a manicure

Always look after your nails and get a professional manicure regularly. Elegant hands and nails are a sure sign of a lady and they look far more at home, holding a champagne flute at a party, than chipped or grubby nails ever will!

7. Wear great looking clothes and great hair

Avoid being too casual with your clothing. You don’t need to wear expensive designer clothes to look classy. Clean, well-fitting clothes, though, will make you feel so much more confident and elegant. And, don’t forget the hair. A regular visit to the stylist will keep you feeling on top of the world too.

8. Wear a good scent

A good quality scent will add to your feeling of sophistication too. Not too much, or too overpowering though, just enough subtle perfume to make an impression and leave a lasting memory. That’s what every girl needs.

9. Invest in some quality lingerie

Quality lingerie can have an amazing effect on how you feel. When you know that what you are wearing under your clothes looks great, it can change your whole demeanour and attitude. It’s like your very own, classy girl, secret weapon!

10. Believe that you are classy

Believe in yourself, because elegance is generated by confidence. There are so many ways that a girl can project a ladylike image, and so many ways that she can wreck the image quickly too. Think about how you want to look and the image that you want to project and, if you believe it, it will happen.
Stay happy and beautiful!
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What To Wear When You Are Going On A Date

What To Wear When You Are Going On A Date

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Going on a date can come with a lot of mixed emotions. You are excited and nervous at the same time especially when you like the person. You want to decide on what to eat, what to wear and what to talk about before you go on the date. While we may not be able to take-off all the nerves you might be feeling and solve all of your date anxiety such as what to eat or talk about, we certainly can give you some pointers on what to wear on your date. So, here are some fashion styles you can explore.

  1. A short black gown: This style is what we call “the flirty girl”. This is because a black gown especially fitted ones will bring out all your curves in the right places and make you look sexy. If you choose to wear this style, you wouldn’t have to worry about how to combine other piece of clothing to your dressing. You can simply wear the gown with a sandal or any heels of your choice. You can also combine your dressing with a channel bag or a clutch purse. If you don’t have a short black gown you can consider wearing a short white gown. You will still look good either way.
  2. A black top with a light blue jean, red cap and white snickers: We call this style “the chick girl”. This is because this style makes you look completely chick. You can also rock it with a blazer and any purse of your choice.
  3. A black top with a black jean with a pink jacket: We call this style “the power girl”. This is because this style makes you look beautiful and confident at the same time; like the power is in your hands. If you don’t have a pink jacket. You can wear a blue jacket or a green jacket or any other colour of jacket you have in your closet. That is the power of black; it accommodates any colour for a beautiful fashion look.
  4. A multicoloured flair dress: We call this style, “The play girl”. This is because this style makes you look warming and open. It also makes you look younger and implies you are ready to have some fun.

So, when going on a date just choose any of these styles and have fun on your date.

Feel free to drop a comment in our comment section and tell us the type of style you will prefer to rock.

Simbiat Bakare

What To Do To Feel Less Tired After Work

What To Do To Feel Less Tired After Work

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If it’s a workday, chances are you hardly have an ounce energy left by quitting time. About 40% of workers report feeling fatigued at work on any given day. I’ve definitely been there; too little sleep, too much stress, and the feeling that you just can’t get enough done can wear you right down until all you can think about is sliding into bed, pulling the sheets over your head, and staying there…forever.

The irony is that that cycle only drags down your overall productivity, not to mention your health and happiness. Plus, there’s something just a little sad about spending all afternoon counting down to the end of the workday only to slog home, collapse onto the couch, and spend all evening watching other people doing fun and exciting things on reality TV.

Want more energy to enjoy your own time? Here are some things that have worked for me.

1. Turn Off Your Brain

When you feel exhausted, exercise seems like the most counterintuitive thing you can do, but it isn’t, especially if you have a desk job. Think about it. If you work at a computer, chances are the only muscles you use all day are the ones that type emails, answer the telephone, and turn you head to gaze longingly out the window. That means that even if you feel tired, what’s often really fatigued is your brain.

I try to get a run in after work. And while some days it feels like I barely have the energy to slip on my shoes, once I’m out the door, my body doesn’t feel tired at all. It isn’t long before the rest of me is ready to tackle a few more hours of the day, too. So turn off your brain, slip into jock mode, and do something that’ll get your blood pumping. It’ll energize you immediately, and also improve your health so that you have more energy all day. It may even help you sleep more soundly come bedtime.

2. Hit Reset

If you really are sleep deprived, a short nap can significantly improve your energy levels — and help you pay back some of the sleep debt you’ve been accumulating. I say a short nap because while it may be tempting to pass out for hours, that can leave you feeling like a zombie, not to mention disrupt the sleep you get at night. In other words, it’ll make you feel more tired.

So how long should you nap? A 1995 study by NASA and the National Transportation Safety Board found that a 26-minute nap was ideal for improving alertness among air-traffic controllers. For best results (and less fiddling with your alarm clock) aim for 20 to 30 minutes.

3. Have an Appetite for Energy

Blood sugar levels greatly affect energy levels. (Anyone who’s seen a seven-year-old’s birthday party knows that.) So, if your energy is flagging after work, chances are you haven’t fueled yourself properly during the day.

The best fuel comes from whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and protein, because they release energy more slowly into the bloodstream than, say, whatever’s beckoning from the vending machine. Eat a healthy breakfast, pack a lunch, and bring nutritious snacks to fend off an afternoon crash. If your blood sugar’s stable, your energy levels will be more stable, too. Studies show you’ll probably also make better decisions. One study of parole board members in the Israeli prison system found that men whose cases were heard after the board had eaten were significantly more likely to get parole. Yikes!

4. Tuck In Early

I’ve often had trouble sleeping, so I know about that weird thing that happens when you’re totally dead exhausted. Right around bed time, you get a surge of energy that keeps you up eating cereal and watching late-night TV until well past your bedtime. It’s kinda fun…until you wake up the next morning feeling (and looking) like you’ve aged at least 15 years.

Remember how your mom used to tell you to get to bed — NOW!? Give yourself the same tough love and set a bedtime that’s at least seven hours from your early morning wake-up call. Then, try to spend an hour or so beforehand winding down with a good book, a bath, or an episode of your favorite TV show. (Unless it’s on HBO. That stuff will keep you up all night.)

5. Skip the Caffeine High

Caffeine’s a crutch; you can limp along on it for quite a while (it got me through college), but it isn’t a solution. If you trade coffee for sleep for too long, eventually it’ll be a case of the lights are on and nobody’s home — your tired, bloodshot eyes will be open, but you’ll only be doing stupid things faster and with more energy. No need to cut caffeine out entirely though. It has some health benefits, and there’s some evidence that moderate caffeine intake can help you live longer. Plus, let’s face it. There will always be days when it’s what makes life worth living.

6. Be Good to Yourself

I tend to take on too much, saying yes to too many projects and then finding myself scrambling around trying to get it all done. It’s hard not to be exhausted when you put yourself in that position. There’s an old saying that you can sleep when you’re dead, but personally, I’d rather enjoy it. I’ve learned that if I want to do that, I have to remind myself that my to-do list is arbitrary and that sometimes, rest needs to be bumped to the top.


Also, while being good to yourself, don’t forget to give yourself a nice treat such as a massage to help relax your muscles.

Share with us, what do you do to feel less tired after a day’s work?


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Wardrobe Essentials Every Lady Should Have

Wardrobe Essentials Every Lady Should Have

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Do you sometimes feel like you don’t have anything to wear despite having a wardrobe full of clothes?   You are not alone. Until I discovered the secret to what I need to have in my closet in order not to feel like that again, I was always confused about what to wear. Although it is a secret, I am willing to share it with you all. Here are the fashion essentials you must have in your closet in order to have a variety of clothes to wear at all times and on different occasions.

  1. A white shirt: A white shirt always comes in handy because you can combine them with other clothes without it having to seem like you are wearing just one item of clothing You can combine it with trousers to work or with jeans for a date; or you can wear it with a suit skirt to attend a business meeting or an interview. You can also combine it with various colours such as blue, black, red, and yellow. Really, it depends on how you like it.
  2. A black jean: This is a wardrobe essential because you can wear it as much as you like, with literally anything and to almost anywhere. You can rock a black jean with a top to go on a casual date, or to visit a friend. It also goes with a top and an Ankara flair jacket for work on Friday, and you can wear it with all colours of tops you have in your closet.
  3. A cute little black dress: This is also a must-have in your closet. You can wear it with a suit to work, and if from work you are going on a date you can remove the suit and wear statement jewelry on it while you go on a date. You can also wear it to visit a friend or to say hi to your relative.
  4. A black shoe: Yes, a black shoe because, you can never get it wrong on whatever you wear it with. You can wear it to an Owambe on Saturday, or to a photo shoot, or any outing you feel the need to attend.
  5. A tailored blazer: This is something you should also have; you can wear it on a shirt to work, with a jean. You can wear it with a top, jean and a scarf around your neck, making you look chic and classy. It can also be worn on any armless top you have which you are not comfortable in. When you have a tailored blazer, you can never get it wrong in fashion.
  6. A white top: I love white tops, this is something you should also have in your closet; just like the white shirts, you can always combine them the way you like. But for times you are not be in the mood to wear a shirt, you can wear a top instead and enjoy a good fashion look.
  7. A black flat sandal: For a casual date, a walk in the park, a stroll with a friend, and for times you don’t want to wear heels, you would need to have a flat sandal that can match with any outfit in order not to have to worry about what to wear.

So, review your wardrobe, if you are missing any of these fashion items, get them now and say hello to fashion, and goodbye to wardrobe confusion.


Simbiat Bakare


Simbiat’s House of Style – A New Style Brand

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Simbiat’s House of Style

We announce the birth of our fashion and  style brand outfit! Get to know more about us and what we we plan to offer you by reading the next couple of paragraphs below.


About Us:

SHS is founded by Simbiat Bakare. It is an aggregate beauty market for women to choose their perfect style. At SHS, we understand the concept of women beauty and we know that women couldn’t possibly look their best except they have the perfect cloth on, the right hairstyle, a beautiful skin and glowing make-up which is why we have made all of these available at our store under one convenient visit and at affordable prices.

At SHS, we have a clothing store, a spa section, a make-up section and a hair salon with experts on standby ready to help customers look their best and ensure that they are satisfied.

SHS … your home of beauty essentials …


Our Mission

Our mission is to be a happy place where women can shop for all of their fashion needs in one convenient visit.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be a one-stop shop when women fashion, style and customer satisfaction comes to mind.


Services We Offer:

Fashion design and consultancy services

Hair dressing & styling

Massage therapy

Make over

Manicure and Pedicure


Book an Appointment & Contact Us:

You can contact us at: 08158416441

Facebook: Simbiat’s House of Style

Instagram: Simbiats House of Style